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In the creation of "roof system", which is one of the most important parts of the buildings; design, climatic and geographical features are determinative.

The resistance of roof component to atmospheric conditions, compatibility with each other and quality of the materials forming roof components are effective in a longer lifespan of the "roof system".

Aral Group produces Bader Concrete Roof Tiles based on longevity of the "roof system," raising comfort standards of its customers and importing Roofer detail products complementary to the roof system.

In recent years, the growing demand for living in villa-type houses and rising the price per square meter has led building designers and building producers to seek better quality and more innovative products.

Based on this demand, Bader Concrete Roof Tiles offers Classic and Venedik  series models with standard colors (Terracotta, Earthy Brown, Dusty Rose, Graphite Gray, Grass Green) and decorative colors (Assos, Aspendos, Çeşme) options that can enrich the design, encompass pleasing aesthetics with durability. Besides, Bader Concrete Roof Tiles warranties its product for 30 years.

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Bader Frequently Asked Questions

Q1- What should be used to complete the roof system with Bader Concrete Roof and fitting tiles?

Roofer detail product accessories should be used to complete the roof system.

Q2- Can I find a master (trained professional) to install Roof Tiles?

You can make an online application to ARAL MASTER for the installation of Roof Tiles.

Q3- How many Bader vent tiles should be used on the roof?

One vent tile/10m2 should be used on the roof.

Q4- How many pieces of Bader Rake Tiles are used in one linear meter?

Three pieces of Bader Rake Tiles are used in one linear meter.

Q5- Are there fitting tiles with Bader Concrete Roof Tile?

A range of Bader fitting tiles are available such as  Ridge Tile, Transition Tile, Shed Tile,  Rake tile, Vent Tile, Hip Starter, Block End Ridge,  3 Way Apex Ridge and 4 Way Apex Ridge tiles.

Q6- How many Bader roof tiles are in one palette?

In CLASSIC series (240 tile/pallet) and VENEDIK series (198 tiles/pallet).

Q7- Are there decorative colors in Bader Concrete Roof Tile?

Bader Concrete Tile has decorative colors (ASSOS, ASPENDOS, ÇEŞME).

Q8- How to lay Bader Concrete Tile?

Since the dimensions of Bader Concrete Tiles are standard and in millimeter accuracy, they should be laid flat, not staggered. 

Q9- Are there different models in Bader Concrete Roof Tile?

There are two model series roof tiles: CLASSIC and VENEDIK.

Q10- Is there a color option in Bader Concrete Roof Tile?

Bader Concrete Roof Tile has different color options (Standard and decorative).

Q11- Can Bader Concrete Roof Tiles resist to climatic conditions?

Bader Concrete Roof Tiles are resistant to climatic conditions. It does not crack or explode, especially in the case of snow and freeze.

Q12- Are the dimensions of Bader Concrete Roof Tile standard?

The dimensions are standard and provide integrity and aesthetic appearance on the roof.

Q13- Can mosses grow on Bader Concrete Roof Tile?

Since Bader Concrete Roof Tile does not absorb water, mosses cannot grow.

Q14- will the weight of Bader Concrete Roof Tile change in raining conditions?

Bader Concrete Roof Tile does not absorb water, therefore weight does not change in the raining conditions.

Q15- When comparing the price between Bader Concrete Roof Tile and soil tile, should I take the unit price or m2 price as the basis?

When comparing the price of Bader Concrete Roof Tile with soil tile, you should take the price per m2 as the basis. Because Bader Concrete Tile will provide an advantage in price as it is used less in m2.

Q16- Is there a weight difference between Bader Concrete Roof Tile and clay tiles?

Clay tiles are about 15% heavier than concrete tiles. Clay tiles are used more in m2.

Q17- What is the weight of Bader Concrete Tile per m2 and how many pieces are laid per m2?

The weight of Bader Concrete Roof Tile varies between 41 kg and 45 kg, depending on the model. 10 pieces are laid per M2.